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June 19 2017

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Underwater waterfall near Mauritius island.
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June 16 2017

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The Black Sea at night - Ivan Aivazovsky, 1879
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Cuttlefish pretending to be a hermit crab

Cuttlefish have such an incredible capacity for mimicry that isn’t talked about enough. Not only can they pretend to be a different sex in order to get sneaky matings with females who are already being guarded by a male, and change their skin color for camouflage, now they’re apparently pretending to be crabs. 

What’s interesting is that when I went to look up pharoah cuttlefish mimicry, the only result I got was this behavior that potentially looks like hermit crab mimicry (the paper on it wouldn’t confirm for sure that’s what the behavior was, just that it seems likely) I couldn’t find evidence of cuttlefish mimicking any other species. So it’s just hermit crabs, I guess. 

It’s fursona is a hermit crab.

I like how the two cuttlefish pretending to be hermit crabs make eye contact and guiltily revert back to normal. Like:

Crab crab crab
Crab crab crab
Crab-oh. ..uh…hi Larry
Hi Bernice. Uh…sure is some. ..water in this tank.

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June 15 2017

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‘Séléné’ By Albert Aublet, 1880

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June 14 2017

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June 11 2017

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Why isn’t everyone happy. This photo exists.

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June 05 2017

That's not an introvert, that's just a shy person with anxieties.
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